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Joe Weston
Joe Weston is the founder of The Weston Network, Executive Director for the Fierce Civility Project, author of Mastering Respectful Confrontation, and Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University teaching a masters level course: Body-Based Skill Building for Navigating Stress and Confrontation.

Growing up in a pugilistic environment led Joe on a quest to deeply understand the roots that underlie conflict; and subsequently, ways in which it can be safely addressed, or even prevented, through processes including confrontation and collaboration. These explorations took him around the world, where he studied diverse traditions, and learned from masters in the martial arts. Joe synthesized a body of knowledge and practices that combine theory with somatic exercises.

Joe’s work with women’s rights and other humanitarian organizations in the Middle East and the US, focuses on empowerment and leadership, reframing power/masculinity, and overcoming gender-based violence. He has also worked with veterans’ organizations in processes of integration and healing, and has also volunteered for the Liberation Prison Project, teaching meditation and leadership to inmates.

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