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daana is a non profit organization based in Montreal, Canada.
We provide give-it-forward wellness activities in spaces that are donated by people all around the world.

how does it work?

host - generously offers a private or public space, such as a living room, basement, backyard, office, retail, municipal, etc.

teacher - generously guides a wellness class, such as: yoga, meditation, tai chi, etc.

daanapreneur - generously promotes wellness in the community by managing, supporting and developing daana classes;

students - generously give-it-forward for the benefit of future students

90% of the revenue from every class goes to the teachers and daanapreneurs.
The remaining 10% goes to daana to cover our costs in making by-donation wellness activities available to all.

3 ways daana contributes to society
  • health: time, distance, money and any kind of self-perceived limitations are no longer reasons to not attend a wellness class;
  • generosity: the word 'daana' means “cultivating the virtue of generosity by giving”. For us, generosity is the antidote to stress. You cannot be stressed and generous at the same time;
  • community: built on a foundation of good health, wisdom and compassion, the classes can be yoga, meditation, dance, art, Tai Chi, dialogue circles, social projects--essentially anything 'give-it-forward' that uplifts the human condition.
The foundation of this initiative, is generosity:


    April 2014: daana co-founder Bhaskar Goswami going to teach yoga at various homes as an invited guest, with a dollar store donation box

    October 2014: over a dozen daana classes per week as more hosts willingly offer their space and more teachers and students are engaged

    February 2015: daana extends beyond yoga classes with sound healing, meditation and dialogue circles

    July 2015: daana launches an Indeigogo crowd-funding campaign, raising $16K

    February 2016: daana releases website and app (‘daana’ in iOS and Android), built entirely by crowd-funding and volunteers

    May 2016: daana accepted onto Montreal’s premiere incubator, District 3

    June 2016: daana organizing special events for major local charities, organizations and conferences like the Montreal Wellness Expo

    June 2016: daana receives grant out of 60,000+ applicants worldwide to showcase at the world’s largest start-up conference in Hong Kong (RISE)

    July 2016: daana is formally endorsed by the largest network of yoga teachers worldwide, the Sivananda Yoga Organization

    July 2016: daana wins the prestigious CBC Media Prize at Canada's largest start-up conference, Montreal Startupfest 2016

    November 2016: daana invited to lead the wellness program at COP22 UN Global Climate Change Summit in Marrakech, Morocco

    November 2016: daana successfully runs the very first anonymous contribution based luxury retreat

    December 2016: daana platform tested in Morocco, Hong Kong and Singapore

    February 2017: daana selected to run in-house wellness program in two international corporations

    June 2016: daana runs four luxury retreats in one month

    July 2016: daana receives local government grant to further support development initiatives

    If you are interested in collaborating as a teacher, daanapreneur, host, volunteer or co-creator, click here.

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daana supporters

Caroline Goyer

With a Bachelor’s in Interior Design and a Masters in Sustainable Energy Building Design from IESD (De Montfort University, UK), Caroline has over 10 years experience in business development and project management in the design and construction industries. She is a people person and has an empathetic will to ensure everyone’s well-being. A natural teacher, Caroline taught English and French, between 2006-2011, in Moscow to corporate clients and upscale Russian families. Holistic wellness has always been an important part of her life. While continuing to discover life through her own practice of yoga and Vipassana meditation, Caroline is determined to make wellness accessible to everyone.


Bhaskar Goswami

From Assam, India, Bhaskar Goswami was born into the yogic tradition. He comes from the lineage of Vasishtha, who is one of the founding fathers of this ancient practice. With a Masters in Electronic Engineering from Nottingham University, Bhaskar’s 10-year international engineering career provides him with a strong understanding of the benefits and methods of mindful living in an urban environment. In 2007 he founded the multiple award winning organization, BODHI, dedicated to offering genuine wellbeing to people in workplaces. In 2014 he co-founded daana a non-profit organization offering give-it-forward wellness worldwide.


Jamie Benizri

An attorney by trade and an entrepreneur at heart, Jamie Benizri continues to challenge industry standards and develop innovative service models that make it easier for individuals, and businesses to meet their legal needs. Founder of Montreal Law Firm Legal Logik, Jamie has created several cases of precedent, earning him a reputation as a creative legal thinker and leading professional. Both in the court-room and outside, his extensive experience with entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporate clients - has made him an expert in helping businesses large and small meet their objectives and protect their interests.


Fern Goh

An MBA from Ross School of Business, Fern is experienced in business development, brand management, marketing & sales and institution building in Fortune 500 corporations, boutique start-ups and quasi-government institutions globally. Fern has previously been the Director of Business China (a government-industry NPO in Singapore that builds relationships between Singapore and China). Prior to that, she served as President of New York Singapore Association in New York and worked in corporate roles in Bristol Myers Squibb and Diageo. Having personally benefitted greatly from the give-it-forward traditional Chinese Medical organisations in Singapore, Fern is excited to grow the Daana movement in Asia starting from Singapore.


our superstars

Kiarash Amin • Milare Turgeon • Janine Daoust • Ganesha (Anthony Neto) • Jeevan Dhamindra • Jérémy Carnus • Dave Sullivan • Dalia Marom • Harun Kinali • Ahmed Alabbas • Coraline Patrigeon

And all the other stars that made this possible...

Join us with this game-changer movement for creating generous and healthy communities worldwide!