From daana founder Bhaskar Goswami:

After a near-death experience, I realized how precious life is. This ability to experience life will end in a few breaths. How to make best use of what remains? daana was born out of this question. To find you here means that you, as I, must have benefited from a wellness activity and that sense of belonging to a community. daana is the intention to make this available to all.

This website and all that comes with it was created by a donations and the sincere efforts of volunteers. We now have the tool to literally make ‘wellness for all’ a reality! Thank you for contributing whatever feels right towards this intention.

With gratefulness,

Where your donation goes:

As this is a global initiative, there are growing technology, training and admin requirements to ensure that all the daana classes are thriving. In this initial phase, daana benefits greatly by having a clear and compelling voice, so some of the funding will go towards branding and marketing. Finally, daana is for any wellness activity that uplifts the human condition, so the funding will also be for new co-creative initiatives with like-minded people and organizations.

Please know that daana is designed to be lean and streamlined, and that you are contributing to a highly efficient non-profit game changer.